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Images in this group of galleries are compositions developed from still and/or action combinations.

If your school or organization would like to schedule a photo session, just contact me using one of the following methods:

Turn-around times will vary depending upon how many team members participate in a given photo shoot and the complexity of the design I choose to develop. Typically it will take 2-4 weeks before orders are returned, but every effort is made to shorten this.


A standard order form can be downloaded here
'14-'15 Cranberry Boys'14-'15 N.Clarion Girls'14-'15 Clarion Bobcat-Girls'14-15 ACV Falcons-Boys'14-'15 ACV Falcon-Girls'14-'15 N.Clarion  Boys'14-'15 N.Clarion  Girls (for Vinyl Posters)'13-'14 Cranberry J.H.'13-'14 N.Clarion Girls'13-'14 N. Clarion Boys'13-'14 Cranberry Girls'13-'14 AC Valley Boys'13-'14 AC Valley Girls'13-'14 Cranberry Boys2012-2013 KSAC Championship Composites & Hilight Video'12-'13 N.Clarion Girls'12-'13 AC Valley Girls'12-'13 Venango Catholic Boys'12-'13 Venango Catholic Girls'12-'13 Cranberry Boys'12-'13 N. Clarion Boys'12-'13 AC-Valley Boys'12-'13 Cranberry Girls Varsity & JV'11-'12 Cranberry Girls Varsity D9 Champs'11-'12 Cranberry Jr. High'11-'12 Rocky Grove Girls'11-'12 N.Clarion She-Wolves'11-'12 N. Clarion Wolves'11-'12 Venango Catholic Girls'11-'12 Venango Catholic Boys'11-'12 Cranberry Varsity-JV'11-'12 St. Stephen Lady Knights'10-'11 Cranberry Jr. High'10-'11 N.Clarion Wolves'10-'11 St. Stephen Boys JV Basketball'10-'11 St. Stephen Boys V. Basketball'10-'11 Venango Catholic Girls JV/V'10-'11 Venango Catholic Boys JV/V'10-'11 Rocky Grove Jr. High'10-'11 St. Stephen Lady Knights'09-'10 W. Forest Lady Indians'09-'10 St. Stephen Boys Basketball'09-'10 Rocky Grove Jr. High'09-'10 N.Clarion She-Wolves'09-'10 N. Clarion Wolves'09-'10 St. Stephen Lady Knights'08-'09 Rocky Grove JV/Varsity'08-'09 N. Clarion Wolves'09 Cranberry 6th Grade'08-'09 Union Damsels'08-'09 Rocky Grove Jr. HighDaneka~Rising Stars AAU basketball'07-'08 Rising Stars'07-'08 N. Clarion She-Wolves'07-'08 North Clarion Boys'07-'08 Cranberry Girls'07-'08 AC-Valley'07-'08 Joey Deas-RU'07~'08 C-L Lady Lions'07-'08 Union Damsels'06-'07 Clarion'06-'07 Rocky Grove Boys'06-'07 Keystone Boys'07-'08 Cranberry Boys'06-'07 Cranberry Boys'07~'08 JH Cranberry Girls