141 photos
This gallery is a collection of just a sample of my work during the past several years.

My background as a professional photographer and graphic artist is a perfect union for one of a kind creations from a blank digital canvas.

Please leave comments if you like my work or just find them inspirational.

I can be contacted by email at dave @propointmedia.com or my cell at 814.758.5861

Thank you!
~ Dave Cyphert
16x20 or 8x108x1010x10 Square Format        (other square sizes available)8x108x108x108x108x1010x20 wide format9x12 or 9x68x10 or 16x208x108x10 or 16x20Available as an 11x1416x20 or 8x1016x20 or 8x1016x20 or 8x1016x20 or 8x1014x118x10